My Dear Friends,

It surprises me that I have been your priest-in-charge for over five years now.  It is as if I have been walking with you in faith for all of my life!  So, after all this time I have decided to get a fresh look to my office space and have completed a makeover.  Drop in and try out my comfy chairs, notice the enlarged space, and visit me soon. My orange office is a cozy place where I feel at ease meeting and planning with you the activities of our parish.  Some of those activities want to share with you are:

House blessings: I have worked my way through many of the parish homes on the sign-up sheet.  And I have to say, I am enriched by getting to know each one of you better.  I see how important your homes are to you and get a glimpse of how you love one another.  God is certainly present in your homes!  You bless me in this special endeavor many more ways than I bless you.  I would like to bless every house in the parish, so don’t be shy about signing up!  If I missed you, or if you’d like me to bless a friend or neighbor’s home, please don’t hesitate to ask.

La Sed: We have a group of four workers from the central La Sed office in Southwest Detroit who are using our church once a week to meet with clients. They provide help to anyone (including you!) who needs help signing up for food or medical assistance.  An attorney is available for consultations.  Also, La Sed offers a wide range of programs to provide resources to help those in need.  I am very pleased that we are able to be a satellite office for this very worthwhile work.  I ask you to help spread the word about their offerings and by all means, stop by to welcome these folks to St. Michael’s.  They are here from 1 to 5 p.m. every Thursday.

Sunday Eucharist: I have been sadly noticing that our attendance at Sunday Eucharist is dwindling.  Not just these past cold Sundays, but over the last year.  I have no explanation for this – it boggles my mind.  Once we were over 50 at a regular Sunday mass and now we are around 10 lower.  I see how excited you are to be with one another once you are here.  What is it that prevents you from coming?  Don’t forget – if you are unable to attend on a particular Sunday, please consider coming on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. to keep up a regular practice of your worship of God and enrichment of your own spiritual life.

God continues to work in each one of you to bring about the kingdom on earth.  Be messengers of God’s promise to love, to forgive, and to heal.  The be amazed at the outcome!  I am.

Your priest,