July August, 2019

My Dear Friends,

You have been patiently putting up with the chaos and mess of this elevator construction with humor and grace for four months.  We laughed when a sign appeared on the wall that contains the work which said, “Elevator Out of Order!”  But as our contractor Pete told us, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.  And boy have we experienced that!

We have been told that we can expect work to wrap up by the end of July.  But that is when OUR WORK begins.  Dust and grime are everywhere!  Soon we will want to mobilize some crews to wash windows, dust the church, fellowship hall, the basement – well, absolutely everywhere!  Dirt has been able to creep into our entire building.

My sister-in-law Maria used to complain that her work doubled in the summer because she had two houses – inside and out.  And we do too!  The good news is that we have a Master Gardener in Cathy Cwiek who is outlining a master plan for our landscaping.  The bad news is that we are going to have to muscle together some effort to help that plan come to fruition.  We have received a generous contribution from the Burgio family in Russ’ name to start this project. But we will need some more funding as well as some sweat equity to bring our outdoor plan together.

I know the St. Michael community can stand up to a challenge.  You always have!  I hope we can come together in this work in time to enjoy a fabulous dedication of the elevator on the Feast of St. Michael.  On Sunday, September 29 we plan to invite everyone who donated to join us in our grand celebration.  The blessing will be a part of the 10:30 a.m. Eucharistic Liturgy with Dean Scott Hunter preaching and presiding.  I am so grateful to have Scott lead our dedication of this elevator in Steve’s memory.  God blessed Scott+ with enough patience and grace to endure Steve’s challenging questions and many in-depth discussions.

The summer also brings us opportunities to come together for a parish picnic, Bible Camp, the Kiddie Karnival and Lincoln Park Days.  It will be a busy time but also a time to experience joy on the faces of all those we meet - as well as the joy that we will feel knowing that our church is a welcome place for all of God’s children.  I am so grateful for your enthusiastic response to this holy chaos!

Your priest,