My Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! 2019 comes with all the surprises and adventures of the unknown. Before stepping into the future, we can look back over this past year to find many times that God touched our lives. Perhaps in was in a lesson learned; maybe a new opportunity that manifested itself – so the question is, How did I respond? I find it important to also recall the blessings I received last year and to take time to once again show gratitude to God and others for them.

We as a community will have the occasion to review 2018 together at our Annual Meeting on January 20 after our liturgy. I encourage all of you to join in this time to reflect, respond, and give thanks on the past year’s hits and misses as we celebrate how God is at work in our midst. I find it important to look back collectively to help us turn our focus into the future with informed thought and a clearer vision of our purpose here on the corner of Champaign and Fort.

This new calendar year begins with the season of Epiphany.  We celebrate the Magi, strangers who followed a star to the wonders of a child born to redeem the world.  As is my custom, I am available to bless your home during the season of Epiphany.  You can contact me (see below) or sign up at church.  And if you have a neighbor or friend who would like a house blessing, let me know.  I truly enjoy and look forward to our visits.

I also look forward to a new outreach for our church. Our building will be the site for La Sed on Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. starting January 17.  This satellite office to their main headquarters in MexTown will provide translation, legal aide, and other referrals for our Hispanic neighbors.  I pray that St. Michael may be a star attracting strangers to this good news.  May our light shine brightly in the darkness of our world!

With all that happens in this active community, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring us!  In the meantime, I will simply pray for God’s special blessings upon each one of you in 2019 and ask your prayers for St. Michael’s.

Your priest,