My Dear Friends,

We have seen the quick turn-around from a bone chilling winter to scorching summer heat in these past few weeks.  Spring flirted with us until the sizzling sun melted the blossoms and the after effects of hurricane Alberto’s wind knocked them to the ground.  The change in seasons has been dramatic this year!

Other changes can be more subtle.  You may notice that the church year has shifted from the major fasts and feasts of Lent, Easter, Pentecost to bring us now to the season of Ordinary Time.  It’s not that the days are generic or common – the title ordinary means that the weeks are “ordered” or numbered.  We will find each Sunday dressed in green linens and labeled as the nth Sunday after Pentecost.  And so we travel through the summer and fall, counting until we reach the season of Advent.

Likewise, the changes in our lives can be dramatic or subtle, maybe gradual or even whiplash.  We are in the season of change this June as we celebrate Graduations. Weddings, Family and School Reunions. Our graduates move from academic circles to a workplace, ending one phase of life as they begin a new adventure. We greet their change with eager anticipation, as we do the marriage of a young couple in love.  In both instances we expect the change to bring them joy and success.  Reunions can heighten our awareness of change. My own 50th college reunion looms where I may find classmates with thinning hair or thickening waists, and hope that I can identify them despite the change. And perhaps they may recognize me.

Our liturgy has recently undergone a few changes to include the Lord’s Prayer and the Sign of Peace in Spanish.  You may have noticed a sprinkling of hymns in Spanish as well.  In this small way our worship is beginning to reflect the increasing change in our neighborhood as well as in the makeup of our members. We have been asking God for this change to occur as weekly we join in our welcoming prayer. It is a blessing to watch it happen!

The Holy Spirit continues to blow change throughout our lives as God’s agent to renew the face of the earth. May we respond with heightened expectations to recognize the work of the Spirit and join in God’s efforts to bring about that change.

Your Priest,