Dear St Michael´s, you´ve seen me around and we´ve had a little bit of time to hang out…some of you may know a few things here and there about me…but we haven´t yet been formally introduced…so here goes! 

My roots and family background are part Michigan-born-and raised Episcopalian-turned-Atheist father and deceased Italian-born-and-raised-US-naturalized barely practicing Catholic mother.  I am an only child, and was born in Worcester, Mass. I continued to travel with my super nomadic family; and together we´ve lived in Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Fairfax County Virginia, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, and Israel. I continued travelling as an adult, and have also lived in Poland, France, Canada, Mexico, Boston, Ann Arbor, Grosse Ile…and now in Wyandotte. I was raised bilingual in English and Italian, and I picked up Spanish, French, and a little German and Polish along the way; and I want to learn Arabic next (I love languages, can you tell?) Michigan is where I have chosen to attempt settling down, and so far I love it here and have no desire to go anywhere!

I was really lucky to be born in the U.S., as I have a rare metabolic disorder called P.K.U. (you can google it, I promise it´s real) which never would have been caught had I been born in Tegucigalpa, where my parents were living (I consider this to be “miracle # 1” in my life of several life-saving miracles…ask me the whole story sometime). There is no cure to PKU and the treatment is a severely protein-restricted diet, which I´ve been on with varying success since birth. I was off the diet for over 20 years, starting at roughly about 14, after my mother passed away. Quite a lot changed in my life when she died, suddenly I was a latchkey kid and grew up rather feral, but also became pretty good at figuring out how to take care of myself and at finding a community of friends and not a few guardian angels along the way.

I wasn´t raised to have a relationship with God, but from a young age I felt there was an energy, a mystery, something more out there. I first felt this when visiting Macchu Picchu at the age of 10, and encountered it often on my path, in small or dramatic ways. As I matured, my studies became my focus: Anthropology, Sociology, International Development, Gender, Latin American Studies –and I have several degrees to show for it. It wasn’t until the two most important things in my life-my relationship with my common-law husband and my PhD - both fell apart in the span of 3 years that I came back to God, and found the Episcopal Church. In 2013, at St James in Grosse Ile, was set on the path of this calling to the Priesthood that I now feel God was steering me to all along.

Now you know a little more about me, and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, and hearing your story, in the next few months. It´s a real privilege to call St Michael´s my new church family, and I thank you all for welcoming me so warmly!

Sylvia Booth