My Dear Friends,

Holy Week brings to an exciting close our forty days of spring training.  Like the Tigers, we needed a time to hone our skills – skills as team mates on Christ’s optimistic squad.  Our reflexes needed to be quick to forgive, our feet comfortable following the prescribed path, and our hands ready to catch and assist our neighbor.  This season gave us an opportunity to sharpen our game and to reflect on any persistent errors.

Our training culminates in Holy Week as we recall Christ’s joyous entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his Last Supper and its mandate to serve, his agony in the garden, and his death on a cross.  As we participate in the ancient liturgies of the Week, we join with Christians around the world in observing the most fundamental mysteries of our religion.

Christ died to redeem us from our sins.  Yet, he rose on Easter to offer us new life as disciples, with a mission to spread the Good News throughout the world.  As we celebrate the joy of Easter, we accept that offer, renewing our baptismal promise to become Christ’s presence in a world that needs him, and his Holy Spirit, as much as it ever has.  The flame of the Paschal Candle that we light on Easter morning reminds us of that promise.

New life is evident everywhere you look at Saint Michael’s!  Our membership is growing in numbers and active involvement.  Our building and property are being upgraded and refreshed.  Our outreach programs continue to flourish, and our ministry in our community is expanding.  As we enter our 90th year of service in Christ’s name, we find St. Michael’s effectively responding to God’s call, witnessing the Good News both inside and outside our walls.

With your participation and assistance, we can do so much good.  Please join us weekly, as you are able, for our Sunday Mass and the following social.  Pitch in for one of our ongoing projects.  Make Saint Michael’s an integral part of your life in the Risen Christ.  Your time, talent and treasure, when joined with ours, will help to build the kingdom of Christ on earth.  An envelope is enclosed so that you can join your name to our growing list of those benefactors on whose generosity we must rely.

Alleluia!  Our Savior was crucified, but he rose from the dead!  Our faith is not defeated by the cross, it is emboldened by the empty tomb.  We know that with God all things are possible.  No difficulties or setbacks can hold us back.  With the Risen Christ on our side, how can we fail?  Easter inspires our faith, our hope and our love.  And, in that love, we will remember you and yours in our prayers continually through the coming year.                                       

Warmest Easter blessings on you and on your families!

Your priest,


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