My dear Friends,

The month of November gives us the opportunity to remember with gratitude how richly we have been blessed.  Our Community is grateful for significant liturgies, vibrant activities and meaningful outreach programs with committed volunteers and sufficient resources to accomplish all of these.  It is fitting that we express our thanks to God who has provided all.

We begin this month with the Feast of All Saints.  On Sunday, November 4 we recall those loved ones who have gone ahead of us.  We bring photos, we write their names in the Book of Remembrance, we call their names aloud, and we light a candle in their memory.  In addition to our personal saints, we call the names of those pillars of St. Michael’s. We are so grateful for those who have supported and sustained this church.  Their lives have been a witness to us as we daily face the challenge of living out the faith we share.  We recognize that we all belong to the Communion of Saints – believers of the past plus we who embody St. Michael’s today. 

We close this month celebrating Thanksgiving.  On Tuesday evening November 20 we gather at 6 p.m. for Holy Eucharist and linger afterwards for plenty of pie.  It is a tradition we enjoy together in anticipation of our personal Thanksgiving celebrations at home. 

I invite us all to spend a moment each day of November in naming what we are grateful for.  In cultivating a sense of gratitude we become more aware of God’s gifts in our lives.  Knowing how much we have been given leads us say thank you!  We move from a position of gratitude to one of thankfulness and then to naturally wanting to respond to this gift in some act of kindness.  It is in reaching out through some response to another we recognize how our lives are interconnected.  For a personal practice you may choose to help us provide a food basket for a family of the American Indian Services and/or use the gratitude calendar provided in the newsletter.  I give thanks each day to God for you!

Your priest,